What Design Thinking Can Become

Design Thinkers have a good thing going – Continue the journey with me won’t you?

Design Thinkers in education have a good thing going for them. There is so much to gain from the deliberate process and great outcomes to be had. Most exciting may be better meetings, happier staff and a real process to improve your school. All of which may lead to better student outcomes and greater community satisfaction. My concern is that this isn’t the end but rather it is a beginning. Read on as I write and explore the new threads of development I hope to kick out into the DT community as I translate concepts and language held by designers and give it to educators.

This Blog and Consulting will aim to discuss:

  • Design Thinking Steps, application to education
  • Solving big problems with Design Thinking
  • Design language that adds to collaboration on your school campus
  • Confront the needs of POC students, LGBTQ+ students and neurodiversity in plain site and hidden from your viewpoint.
  • Blending of UDL and Design Thinking is a natural, we will go deeper there.
  • Hopefully much, much more.
Design Thinking workshop from ECIS fall 2018

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