Jim Ellis – By the Numbers (40)

40? Sounds Fine

I turn 40 years old today.

I’ve lived in three countries and visited 27 countries.

I’ve taught six different subjects in middle school; Math, History, EAL, Science, Technology, Reading.

My mate and I have had 12 years together, so far.

Hospitalized twice, both while 18 years old.

Thrown more than 800 bowls on a pottery wheel.

In the United States, I’ve lived in only a single city — Phoenix, Arizona.

One quarter (ten years) of my life has now been in Vienna, Austria.

Married once, divorced once.

Lived in 11 different apartments and houses as an adult.

I know 14 songs on the guitar, one by Elvis.

6 wisdom teeth. Yeah really.

5 different cars owned, two new, three used.

4 different schools I’ve worked as a classroom teacher.

3 times a contest drawing winner.

2 masters degrees.

1 wonderful child.

0 broken bones.

Happy Birthday to me.

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