ECIS Webinar – Access to Learning & Literacy

On November 10th, 2020 I was proud to debut new work on the topic of designing access for student learning along with my good friend and consultant, Mark Overmeyer. In considering how we both increase and inhibit access to student learning from a design frame we look at what design/education terms exist and we explore Micro Moments, where what we say and do in the classroom as it shapes student access.

  • Click Here to Check out the Google Slide Show slide deck from the training.
  • Click Here for brief cliff notes on a Google Doc. (coming soon)
  • Click Here for a link to the webinar recording on YouTube. (coming soon)

The three main sections are as follows

  • Part 1 – A Brief History of Access in Education
  • Part 2 – Designing Access in Teaching and Learning 
  • Part 3 – Micro Moments for Learning

Resources Related to or Mentioned During the Webinar


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