IS Luxembourg Design Thinking Conversation

What a great time it was to visit the Digital Learning Loft. During this hour, we learned about design terms and concepts and discussed how we might be able to use design language to further our goals in education.

Teachers, leaders, aids, involved parents are all designers. We are designers of student spaces, of their learning program, we design how we provide formal and informal feedback and we design how we interact with one another.

Together, we discussed Design Thinking terms

  • Curb Cuts
  • Universal Design
  • Hostile Design
  • Placebo Buttons
  • Affordances and Signifiers
  • Privacy in User Experience
  • Front End vs. Back End Design
  • Be Consistent
  • Users vs Designers
  • Clear Labels

Check out the slide deck from the Digital Learning Loft session or find me on Twitter @skhooldesign or @ECIS_Jim

For more about my work and going further with design thinking in schools, start with these resources

My Blog:


Facing difficult problems with Design Thinking

Design Thinking and Literacy Instruction


Design Process, six blog posts


One thought on “IS Luxembourg Design Thinking Conversation

  1. Thanks for an excellent session, Jim. I try to apply design thinking process to all things – your session gave me new perspective. Looking forward to going through the resources and catching up with you on Twitter and Linkedin.


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