I’ve Joined ECIS – Head of Innovation

Dear Reader, after many years consulting and decades in education, I am now taking my next step by going to work for ECIS. The Educational Collaborative for International Schools is one of the oldest, largest and most well regarded international schools organizations. With excitement ECIS is now rapidly changing into a leading organization focused on critical professional learning and DEIJ grounded offerings. I am, therefore, incredibly proud to join this movement and to be in a position to contribute.

Jim Joins ECIS

I remain in the classroom with AIS Vienna and I am, as always proud of my work with this outstanding school and community. I also remain committed to Design Thinking and my work with organizational development. What I will now do with ECIS should heighten what I can achieve in the classroom and also broaden my impact across the member schools all over the world. Why don’t you come join me over at ECIS?!


Jim Ellis – ECIS Head of Innovation


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