Design For: Student Privacy

A student raising their hand to request permission to use the bathroom or to get a drink of water is so common practice, most of us who teach haven’t thought to challenge it’s wisdom or utility. I am lucky that I teach in a private international school, so challenging that wisdom should be easy. Except, it wasn’t. Well, it wasn’t until the challenge to that … Continue reading Design For: Student Privacy

The “Too Many Good Ideas” Problem

Educators and schools are awash in too many good ideas flowing in at all times and it is hard to be in a position to know what good ideas to choose.   Not every good idea will work in every classroom or school Too many good ideas being implemented will fragment a school program, a faculty and fragments student participating in a course or school, “a … Continue reading The “Too Many Good Ideas” Problem

That Terrible Gamification Problem

An old and very bad idea I had was the gamification of the overland trails and something called the Indian Removal Act. Yes, I made the same mistake 20 years ago and is what John Meehan is selling today in his new book, “EDrenaline Rush.”  Yes, it is actually called Edrenaline Rush and this picture is from his Twitter Profile. And yes, you guessed it, … Continue reading That Terrible Gamification Problem

Set Meaningful Goals With Students

Goals help focus all of this data presented to the student as a way to put it all into action. Most importantly, they can create a perfect opportunity for reflection about their achievements. Now that students have two graphs to reflect on and their own pretest it’s now time for them to make goals based on that information.  Some goal topics that students might chose … Continue reading Set Meaningful Goals With Students

Use of Data with Your Whole Class – Super Effectively

I first clued into the power of what simple data can do to a class my first year teaching. One day I tallied up the scores to a test and wrote onto the whiteboard how many students received an: A, B, C, D, F or below. This suddenly took each section of science I was teaching to near silence. This was uncommon in my class … Continue reading Use of Data with Your Whole Class – Super Effectively

Team Building Activities – Using Your Observations

Prior to taking your observations back to the classroom, it is important to have a sense as to what the data is that you are assessing. Likely you will have a numbering system for the order students became leaders as well as short but important notes about most or all of your students. First, we will organize the leader order data using a chart and, … Continue reading Team Building Activities – Using Your Observations

The Basic Components of Team Building – Facilitation Planning

The planning of a quality lesson should include thinking through the components to be discussed and picking an activity. No more than 20 minutes should be used to plan an activity. Once done, you should be able to use a successful lesson plan for many years!  The first step is to pick a skill that you wish to isolate. We will isolate leadership, as it … Continue reading The Basic Components of Team Building – Facilitation Planning