Design Thinking for Educators

Design Thinking Process Articles

Learn about the design process here or in many other places. Each are different and all hold similar commonalities. Once you have a grasp of the process for your professional work, take the next step and skill up. Gain new tools to go beyond organizing better, and now be better.

  1. Define the Problem (Verification vs. Validation)
  2. Collect Information (Nodes and Links)
  3. Brainstorm and Analyze (Modeling or Ideation)
  4. Develop Solutions (Prototyping)
  5. Solicit Feedback (Closed Loop)
  6. Improve Your Design (Iterations, Iterations, Iterations!)

Skills for Educators who use Design Thinking

Time to skill up! The design process itself is wonderful and serves many school and businesses very well to organize their collective work. Yet, it is only the beginning of the story. After knowing how to use the design process as a school or as a team of teachers, we still need to learn about what to do. What we do to design a better school means we use skills and tools to take our students, classrooms, school community further.

  1. Hostile Design is in Our Schools
  2. Curb Cuts To Help More Than Just the Neediest Students
  3. A New Universal Design in Education