Find Jim at ECIS

Jim Ellis is now proudly the Head of Innovation for ECIS and is ready to connect with you about their offerings and their mission in serving international schools with the highest quality professional learning.

ECIS, or the Educational Collaborative for International Schools is one of the largest and oldest international school organizations dedicated to the goal of connecting and serving international schools and their needs. Jim’s work will focus on supporting ECIS in that mission.

Below, you can learn about Jim’s work to get an idea of what to expect with ECIS and his service to the organization.

ECIS Conference Luxembourg – Nov 2018


“Design Thinking — a Language for Educators” For school professionals to work collaboratively on the big messy problems we all face when dealing with school improvement. Design Thinking is an excellent process to have a common method and language to tackle any large problem you face within your organization. This keynote is thoughtful and implementable the next day.

“Educators are Designers” – Universal Design came directly out of the Americans with Disabilities act of 1990 and changed our designed world forever. The ideas within universal design and other design practices are easy to use when improving student experiences in your school. This Keynote applies Universal Design, Hostile Design, Affordances & Signifiers and more.

“Students are the Greatest Consumer of Student Data” – Bring aggregated student data back to the students themselves in an, anonymous, meaningful and supportive way. Check out a class program design that aims to use lessons, projects and assessments that are designed to heighten students group and self-awareness to their progress, successes and their areas for further development.

ELMLE Leadership Retreat Sept 2019


Assessment Design – Single or multi day workshop intended to carry through the work from the keynote “Educators are Designers” where teachers and leaders will evaluate assessments and design new assessments that build upon understandings of Universal Design, Hostile Design, Affordances & Signifiers and more.

Mastery Learning with Reflective use of Data – This workshop helps develop skills based learning classroom programs, assessments and an innovative use of the collected data with students. Individual teachers and teams of teachers use their time together to reshape their classroom programs and develop new uses of data. Teachers will also learn and practice how to have group data conversations with entire classes and as well as with individual students and families.

Access to Learning and Literacy – A new workshop I am proud to offer with Mark Overmeyer and am proud to partner with the wonderful folks of ECIS. Coming Soon!


Large Problem Facilitation – Your school site is dealing with a large and difficult problem/task such as changing over to standards based grading, creating a mission statement or redesigning your daily schedule. With motivation, time and skill, your team is ready to make that big change. Yet, for a school leader to both facilitate the process and to be a stakeholder can be less productive. I will come in as a seasoned educator and as a skilled outside facilitator to provide space for your school leaders to be the valued stakeholder.

Where in the world have I been Lately?

  • EdCollab Conference Presentation Access to Learning and Literacy (April 10th, 2021)
  • ECIS Leadership Conference Presenter Access to Learning and Literacy (April 8th-10th, 2021)
  • ELMLE – Webinar Differentiation vs. Universally Designed learning (April 19th 2021)
  • Access to Learning and Literacy Workshop (March 21st, 2021)
  • IS Luxembourg Learning Loft – “Designing for Students” (January 14th, 2021)
  • ECIS Webinar “Access to Learning and Literacy” November, 2020 [YouTube Video]
  • CEESA Conference – “Designing Accessible Assessments” October, 2020 [YouTube Video]
  • ECIS Webinar “Designing Solutions for Hard Problems” October 2020 [YouTube Video]
  • ECIS Digital Leadership Conference – Training – April 2020
  • Mumbai, India – Teacher Training & Building Project – March 2020
  • Frankfurt, Germany – Facilitation – November 2019
  • Zürich, Switzerland for ELMLE – Training – September 2019
  • Vienna, Austria – Facilitation – August 2019
  • Mormon Lake, Arizona USA – Teacher Training & Building Project – July 2019
  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Facilitation & Training – May 2019
  • The Hague – Facilitation/Mapping – Dec 2018
  • Luxembourg, Luxembourg for ECIS – Training – November 2018